Monday, October 22, 2007

Hail, the Queen


The trailer is compelling and truly inspiring, both visually and sensually. There must be a reason why actors like Cate Blanchett and Geoffery Rush and those in an ensemble production like Elizabeth: The Golden Age, led by Shekhar Kapur, are not commonplace. Sometimes, I wished all actors — all artists, for that matter — are as passionate about their craft as these individuals. On the other hand, gems will not shine and be valued for their esteemed quality if high standards were the norm.

I've watched the first Elizabeth many, many times over, like I've constantly sought the company of a good book which thrills, especially when every word on every page still offered yet another way of looking at things. I've just seen this Elizabeth sequel trailer, all 5 minutes of it, thrice — more — and it is spine-tingling, not because it fills the senses to the brim, but because for me as a woman, it leaves a feeling of empowerment; Cate Blanchett, playing the role of a real woman of great influence, after all, is powerful even in the short, tranquil, quiet scenes. Only she can be in a scene where, on the other hand, based on the the trailer alone, about fifteen different hairstyles and 'do's would have upstaged another actor. Perhaps, only Cate Blanchett, too, can remain queenly and authoritative in all those costumes, all unique in each scene, all embellished, I guess, to the point of exceeding that era's aesthetic dictates.

k's new desktop

Cinematic license. Well, alright, I do know and understand that well. Anyhow, the 5-minuter still got me to come up with the above image, my current desktop wallpaper rendered at 4am today, inspired by the colors, the visual and aural richness of the trailer and samples of the soundtrack off the official web site. Friends know I am not one to hie off to the next popular blockbuster buzz-maker but I know I will find myself in line when Elizabeth: The Golden Age hits Philippine theaters. I'll be sure to get hold of the soundtrack, too; a score would be nice to have as well. I really hope the movie will live up to this teaser and goes beyond a parade of wigs and ostentatious costumes and the mostly overwhelming visual feast. In spite of this apprehension, though, I know I've gushed enough already. Yes, I am a fan. Always was.

(Top photo and all background images used in my graphic above are courtesy of Universal Pictures)

For more movie info, trailers, credits and aural experience, visit the The Official Movie Page. Fantastic site.


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