Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inspire: Makeshift Magazine and Newspapers in Education

Launching on 30 September 2011 at the A Better World By Design conference is Makeshift Magazine, a project. It is a
"...quarterly magazine and multimedia website about creativity in unlikely places, from the favelas of Rio to the alleys of Delhi. These are environments where resources may be scarce, but where ingenuity is used incessantly for survival, enterprise, and a self-expression. Makeshift is about people, the things they make, and the context they make them in."
Makeshift Magazine is co-founded by Making Do author Steve Daniels who also co-founded A Better World By Design. Wishing Makeshift Magazine the best. (Also watch Steve Daniels' TEDx-Brooklyn 2010 talk "ICT in Emerging Markets" here.)

Makeshift from Makeshift on Vimeo.
Video credits: Editing: Zach Caldwell / Footage: What Took You So Long and Steve Daniels
Voiceover: Jerri Chou /Music: "Generator ^ Second Floor" by the Freelance Whales

Also sharing something closer to personal experience which happens to also be an advocacy (my mother is a journalist; we grew up eating news for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so to speak, and her newspaper work sent us to school) is Newspapers in Education (NIE)'s video of a case study in Colombia.

It is a well-made video that speaks a lot of what I believe our education thrust should take inspiration from considering how television has taken over households as "news sources" but that televised news sources, especially on free channels, intersperse their broadcast with more showbiz gossip than necessary just to get viewers hooked.

While the fate of newspaper publishing in the Internet age is slowing being shut, the benefits of reading the news ON paper (and of reading in general) is irreplaceable. The video clearly features more advantages to reading than watching, particularly when educational institutions use such programs in the proper context.

The video is from the WAN-IFRA Newspapers in Education site.


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