Sunday, September 27, 2009

weather weather II: Tropical Storm KETSANA (ONDOY/17W)

[2:30pm, Sunday, 27 Sept. 2009/a blog-in-progress]

The Philippine map is practically obliterated in this satellite image of Ondoy's wrath 26 September 2009. As such, the highest ever recorded level of rainfall in Quezon City alone, where I am, was registered at 410mm. (16.141732 in.) over a period of 10 hours, from 8am to 5pm of Saturday, exceeding the highest rainfall record of PAGASA on June 07, 1967 at 334mm. (13.15in.) in 24 hours*.

NOTE[1] Check in with your local Barangays or Homeowners' Associations for direct help if your area is affected.
Immediately needed: clothes, blankets, towels, ready-to-eat food.

This storm, at PHI Signal No. 1 yet (the lowest storm alert advisory based on wind velocity), caused all waterways and tributaries to overflow inundating all roadways in all of Metropolitan Manila's cities and municipalities, including its neighboring districts and provinces especially Rizal province of which Cainta, Marikina, San Mateo, and many low-lying municipalities remain under water as of this writing.

NOTE[2] Coordinate with your school org, local Barangays officials, or Homeowners' Associations for organized help to other areas affected.
Immediately needed: doctor/nurse volunteers in evacuation areas, specifically
Cainta and Marikina.

Metro Manila has not been declared in a state of calamity due to typhoons in a long time, and the amount of rain from Ondoy was unexpected. In my community alone in Fairview, Quezon City, a hilly suburban district northeast of the City of Manila, the water in the creek 1 km. down from our residence rose to as high as 9 ft from street level. It was almost unbelievable hearing it from the local drivers of tricycles I rode in yesterday to buy food and some provisions, as Fairview itself is on a higher location compared to the rest of Quezon City.

NOTE[3] Many areas, specifically Cainta and Marikina are still UNDER WATER.
Be aware that donors' vehicles have to be able to navigate through flood
higher than 12 in. (1 foot)

When I passed by the bridge over creek this morning, the place that used to be a local market (i.e. talipapa) was being manually dredged of sludge by its tenants, the informal settlers' houses around it were surrounded by sacks of wet mud and the settlers themselves cleaning what were left of their belongings. True enough, the metal grid wall support on each side of the bridge had all sorts of trash and debris stuck to each grid space reaching halfway its full height of about 20 ft.

NOTE[4] Ondoy is NOT YET OUT OF THE PHILIPPINE AREA OF RESPONSBILTY even if it is beyond the eastern section of the Philippines off Bataan .
Rains are expected for 2-3 more days.

NOTE[5] RED CROSS needs volunteers:
  • Pasay 8542748/4343751
  • LasPinas 8734873/4689688
  • Pasig 6350922
  • Alabang 8093132
  • NHQ Manila 5245787/5270864

*from a televised statement of Nathaniel A. Cruz [PAGASA Officer-in-Charge Operations and Services], 12nn, 27 Sept. 09


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