Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank you to the Man from Manila

There is something to be said about the true character of a person, man or woman.

Francis Magalona was a true-blooded showbiz personality, he the offspring of a showbiz union.

Perhaps it is that old school lineage manifests itself no matter the bumpy journey one has -- or had, as his -- that niceness, gentlemanliness, courtesy, humility and passion for one's calling seep through the superficial social stereotypes, self-vandalisms and peer pressures.

Francis was always a cut above the rest because he was articulate, artistic and intelligent and demonstrated the freest of expressions than any of his contemporaries ever did. Yet he always did things with flair, even as a noontime show host from which a live feed on its sister station broke to announce his passing today, Friday.

Rap is not Filipino, but Francis made it Pinoy. As a rap musician, he put an agreeable, friendly face to what became an angry, jaded and sometimes negative, genre. Like in person, his anger was acceptable and viral because, really, they were about concern for the Bayan (country) and for each kababayan (countrymen).

I guess Francis has said and done enough in 44 years: about his very public life, his nationalism, politics and advocacy, and his private pain and gallant battle with illness in which, finally, his physical shell could no longer handle.

FrancisM's last entry dated 14 Jan 2009
"...I look forward to the pain as I know my journey is on full speed ahead. I will not be bold to say that without asking a favor from you all. PLEASE PRAY for me as I undergo treatment. Your prayers, as always, have sustained me. And am sure the Lord will listen to all our prayers. To His will I submit myself..."

I salute a Filipino for accomplishing a lifetime in 44 years. Hopefully, your life messages will be listened to for years to come. Salamat, FrancisM.

Photo of Francis Magalona from his official site.
Please visit
FrancisM's AML blogumentary
Francis on Wikipedia
His clothing line and other creations can be seen here.

Watch the breaking news on QTV 11's Balingtanghali here
Image above | krvilla.09

UPDATE with a couple of links on general reading about FrancisM's cancer, 08 Mar 09

Read up on Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia from
About Leukemia, AML and other types from
About Mixed-Lineage Leukemia from Howard huges Medical Institute, published Dec. 2001
Adult acute myeloid leukemia from the National Cancer Institute
Some AML FAQs from the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Philippine music chronicler Pocholo Concepcion's write-up (PDI: "FrancisM loses happy battle") on the breaking news as it appeared in print on 07 March 2009 said so much more than any other quick write-ups that made it to the deadline. Read it here.

A growing number of links by and about Francis Magalona can be found here.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coffee Tripping: From Crop to Cup [update 09 Mar 09)

K's coffee mug, tour bag and shirt

I had the rare chance of finally heeding an invitation to join a club activity of Figaro Foundation's Coffee Harvest/Farm Tour in February 21, 2009 (a Saturday) as member of the Figaro Coffee Club.

It was a day-full of activities I confirmed attendance to at the last minute via the Foundation's efficient staff through SMS. Luckily, the planned tour was able to accommodate my associate, Isabel, and I. I must mention that the Foundation staff were graceful enough to accede to a full vegetarian lunch for my friend when I was confirming attendance, and then to update us of the group's location when we couldn't make it to the scheduled morning departure due to glitches.

We caught up with the group at Gourmet's Refreshers in Silang, Cavite from where Joyce Montalban of the Figaro Coffee Club fetched us at the entrance of Refreshers' al fresco section by the highway for [Figaro Foundation Program Officer and Head Organizer] Joed Alcid's and Gourmet's Lennard P. Reyes' Coffee 101 talk amid sacks upon jute sacks of coffee beans.

The Figaro Foundation actively participates in the propagation and planting of Philippine coffee varieties to meet local demand and consumption of 65,000 metric tons. Currently, only 30,000 metric tons are being produced. The rest are being imported at an estimated Php 3.15Bn. Figaro Foundation joins the other local coffee companies of making the Philippines a self-sufficient coffee-growing nation by 2015.

From there, we moved on to the farm's coffee processing facilities. We couldn't be accommodated inside, however, so the introduction and talk was conducted outside the facilities.

An introduction to how Gourmet's processes coffee

Dennis and guests peep through the processing plant window
Dennis and club members peep through the coffee processing facilities

A refreshing gourmet lunch

Refreshers was full of hungry Club members by lunch time

Sponsor and host Refreshers Gourmet served the group their signature drink on that hot and sunny Saturday noon: a glass each of delightful chilled lemonade with pesto, basil and herbs mix. It was during this relaxing lunch break that a pleasant chat with former Collegian staff and Tropa apprentice Dennis Sabangan, in a surprise reunion earlier at the Coffee 101 session, was resumed. We each caught up with goings-on and such at a shared table after more than 15 years since we last saw each other in UP. Dennis is now with the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) as chief photographer.

Two generations of Ka-Tropas meet for the first time in Tagaytay

The tour resumed after lunch with a trek to Gourmet's organic farm facilities after we were divided in two groups. Orientation to the farm areas included a request by the facilitators to refrain from throwing small trash and smoking.

Midday walk to the farm

Gourmet's Refreshers maintains the organic farm facilities that grow all their salad and vegetable ingredients. Gourmet's employs locals from the area as farmers, farm hands and maintenance persons that make sure the 2-hectare property is clean and manageable. It also has a fresh section at the restaurant where all its organic produce as well as Philippine coffee products and coffee-making merchandise are sold.

A Club advocacy: Support for organic farming

Gourmet's Lennard P. Reyes and Figaro Foundation's Joed Alcid* share experiences. 

Figaro Coffee supports like-minded corporations that advocate organic farming which, as mentioned, help employ locals in the area and promote good farming practices that are beneficial to both the public and to the environment.

We were introduced to Gourmet's collection of greens and fruit-bearing plants and trees, the produce of which are all available and for sale at the restaurant. The stocks are always replenished in the afternoon.

The herb farm

Vegetable garden

Two of many greenhouses (above and below)

In between the farm tour was a side trip to convention and retreat facilities where there stands a modern geometric chapel, gardens around a pond and an enclosed meeting and convention area and some lodging.

Side trip to the convention facilities

After the farm tour, the group was herded back to Refreshers for afternoon snacks with more refreshing chilled dayap and herbs and three varieties of signature cookies with rosemary, basil and more herbs.

Afternoon break before distribution of certificates

This gave the Club members and guests some time to appreciate the goods at the restaurant shop and pick a few finds to bring back with them to Manila.

After the snacks came the distribution of certificates of attendance and a bag of lettuce each from Gourmet's Refreshers.

Before the tour was over, I had the chance to view some photos taken during the morning activities that I missed: the coffee harvest and harvest game at Junsy Lim's coffee farm a few kilometers off in Tagaytay.

The Figaro Coffee Club successfully pooled together about 30 members and guests for the tour that day. Together with representatives from the Foundation and the tour sponsors, the coaster was as full as when we all gathered at Refreshers for breaks. Not only did we end the tour rested and satisfied, we were gratified to have been a part of positive action from companies that accomplish to be of service to others as well. Kudos.

More photos by me here.
Morning activity photos by Dennis Sabangan of EPA can be found here: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] >>Please note that the EPA photos are copyrighted<<

*Corrected caption

UPDATE: 09 March 2009

The official photos of the event is finally up. Check out the morning activities and the fun coffee harvest pictures at the Figaro Coffee Club's Multiply page here.

Figaro Coffee Company - Marketing Dept.
Johanna Clavecilla - Marketing Services Manager / Head Organizer / Master of Ceremony
Joyce Montalban - FCC Coordinator / Assistant Organizer
Marvee Queg - Marketing Assistant / Marshal
Jeandell Tantiado - FCC Encoder / Marshal

Joed G. Alcid - Program Officer / Head Organizer / Speaker
Emil Cuaresma - Program Assistant / Assistant Organizer
Julie Ann Gepielago - Foundation Consultant / Marshal

Participants & FCC Members
Beng Sikat • Annie Valdes • Peewee Guerrero • Diana Guerrero • Lea Lumbao • Myr Lim • Legaeda Zhel Lega • Mike Gozum • Justin Liu • Kelvin Gaisano • Kriskarla Yturzaeta • Claire Co and Rita Co • Joel, Amy and Isaiah Fernandez • Niko Arevalo • Ria Galit • Arno Vasquez Jr. • Philbert Cabalteja • Rachelle Orindain • Isabel Templo • Vanessa Villafuerte • Silvia Joh Sabio • Mae Caparas • Bezie Martinez • Anna Tan • Joanne Onio

Special thanks to:
Ollivence Gonzales - Event Photographer / Marshal
Nancy Troyo - Marshal (Purchasing Officer, Figaro Coffee)
Lennard Reyes, Jojo Manzano - Gourmet's Refreshers

Sponsored by
Corporate Gifts • Earle's Delicatessen • Edward Keller (Philippines), Inc. • Gourmet's Farm • Insular Life Direct

Event Sponsor Representative
Jhezl Nas, Insular Life Direct

Dennis Sabangan | Judith Balea | Neil Lim

Monday, March 2, 2009

4 a.m.

It's 4 in the morning, Manila time.

The beginning of the end of the first quarter. The last weeks have been a bit crazy, a bit manageable. A HD crash, server migration, a regrettable typo, a lot of night-to-dawn cross-overs which I see will continue. In the last 72 hours, a very tight deadline for an old client which then sees print when the press operators log in for work later.

A handful of local events missed, many of which I wanted to comment on in my blogs but couldn't; a few more tech-related, social and cultural stuff I'm interested in, all read hurriedly and digested just fairly recently. A "volunteer" work input for peers I hope would help with the forthcoming planned event.

There were a few unexpected silver linings to provide consolation. No, make that two outstanding life vests instead: an incredible, soft-spoken data-saver named Alvin — he, among the geek of all geeks I have ever encountered — and an assistant reconciled, trustworthy and competent as she had been, who came just in the nick of time: thank you both.

So, it's another Monday. A March Monday. Bring on the sun but let some breeze cool us off. Meantime, to bed I go for the much-needed power nap.

'night, for now.

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