Saturday, October 23, 2010

A new theme, 23 October 2010

I'll end a long day with a belated response to what many viewers have said about how (some find) my entries a little difficult to read because of the colors or contrast—or the lack thereof—of the old theme. So I've decided to try out Blogger's new theme offers and change the look of this blog to the current one.

I post to this blog from an Apple machine and I admit to not having tried reading and posting much to here from displays and operating systems other than my own.

This new look is based on Blogger's Watermark theme (with a few tweaks) by Joshua Peterson, whose other theme, Minima, was what I previously used. My header is retained but slightly revised. The main post column of Watermark, meaning, this box with a lighter shade which serves as background to what you are reading, is also slightly wider at 518px than the old one, and the styles are more up to date. I wasn't able to make an image grab of the old look, unfortunately, because of my instantaneous decision.

Anyhow, I notice that the page also loads faster than the old one.The over-all [new] look is somewhat still muted; in fact, it looks more subdued than the old one but hopefully more readable, especially to users on other machines and OS'es.

I haven't gone far enough, in terms of entries, to re-edit image positions and other such customized, manual styling done, which were all based on the previous theme, but I hope to get to that when more time allows for it.

I don't know, but i hope it looks more inviting or easier to read. Currently, I kind of find it too hushed and tame. However, a small change in look wouldn't hurt. I would also just like to make it easy for some readers, who happen to venture to here, to at least stay longer and read, especially since a majority of entries are longer than usual blogs.

This would be the third revision in terms of style and theme used on this blog since I started it three years ago.

Maybe I might find other parts of the blog theme boring tomorrow when the light's better, or when the sun's out. That means I might still do some tweaking here and there.

23 october 2010

EDIT: Activated the "Tabs" function. | 26 October 2010
EDIT: Moved the "popular tags" cloud and other gadget elements to the footer | 01 November 2010


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