Thursday, February 24, 2011

ideas for good

We are in the latter stages, hopefully, of getting what I've since referred to as the "new entity," from a formless yet vivid concept, to a structured, albeit challenging, organization.

This "new entity" is something I had wanted to get into for some time — specifically, for many years now, really. More appropriately, it is some thing, among many things, that had played out in my mind so many times that not only have I lost count, I had, in alternate moments, believed it to be lived.

Through circumstances that have brought me to cross paths with like-minded souls, events I have chosen to take part in, people and work that have helped open up new ideas or affirmed the tried and tested ones, and, yes, the oversights and shortcomings that were charged to experience, and, with my friend and colleague with whom I share these experiences, I face an important transition with optimism. And prudence.

Time was when I imbibed the gung-ho disposition of the youth — I sure hope I still have some it left — and embraced any and all propositions that came my way boldly and with gusto. Not that I have since become jaded, god forbid I've transformed into someone as inured as a seasoned politician, many of whom populate our hallowed institutions, but I now approach such important involvements not only with care but with enough cards to draw from my bag of experience. Of course I hope that the cards be the ones that trump when called for.

And so, on with what was formerly the formless concept, this "new entity."

The path towards getting it structured was wrought with many questioning and scenarios, mostly to myself, calling up certain entries in my memory databank to see what suitable matches fit. Some weren't always exact matches which therefore needed external help; some, perfect re-enactments of past incidents that typically still occur, it has left me wondering why people, perhaps even myself, never seem to get past them. Maybe it is a "Filipino thing," say, to be acting on intuition way too much for comfort to the point of disregarding established processes and standards. And to these typical scenarios, I would then propose, in my mind, un-typical solutions, say, had I the chance to do things differently when those occured.

My colleague-friend had nagged me time and again for action regarding this "new entity," but since I would always be immersed in two or more other projects, I refused to make definite commitments until I had fully gotten hold of what, to me, was devoted quality time towards thinking things over.

Along the way, we had connected with a few more friends whose ideals ran parallel to ours, and whose enthusiasm rubbed off on, in some instances, adding to, ours, that seeing a form that would make this "new entity" more solid and graspable became less of a task and more of a shorter, lighter journey.

As they say, it is not the destination that counts but getting there, and that includes overcoming the official businesses one must go through to have a legal personality. So, with the help of the least techie among would-be partners (e.g. a lawyer), whose idea was getting around data systems and turning-over computerese linear thinking upside down, we erupted in a joint Eureka! moment when we finally got our choice name registered online — I mean, getting both preferred names, at that, after so many tries.

We were then in sort of a dilemma because we had to settle with just one name and, after minor deliberations, we have come to the conclusion that to embody what we truly would be, our new endeavor is to be Ideas for Good.

good ideas for ideas for good
Ideas for Good is a social enterprise engaged in creative communications and design consultancy. It is, however, driven by advocacy. Our new enterprise officially makes past volunteer involvements a part of what we do and I am not the least excited for the 4 or more self-initiated projects we hope would come to fruition because these are intended to truly help communities and become the means by which my partners and I are able to pursue sharing our experiences and expertise to others.

Ideas for Good is a for-profit social enterprise. After all, much as our hearts desire to reach out and help — needles to say, we are bursting with good ideas and solutions which we know and are certain will help — we acknowledge that we cannot be as effective if we go by our hunger for social change on a just handful of sustenance to get us through.

Therefore, I, in my state of shedding as Creative Partner, doer and task-er of design solutions for more than 15 years under Sadidaya Disenyo and, currently, East Axis Creative, Inc., along with my old and new colleagues, embark on what we hope would make us even more effective agents of change and make good ideas matter on a deeper, wider level.

Good ideas pertaining not just to design and harnessing collective creativity but also about sensible marketing, an equitable application and awareness of laws in order to empower and the thoughtful usage of words and writing to best communicate.

I've finally stepped onto a lane that I feel is familiar yet this transitioning is bittersweet. Though I am undeniably undergoing separation anxieties — yeah, pretty much a common phase, I guess — I am very positive.

EDIT: The domain and hosting for Ideas for Good has been activated on Feb. 21, 2011 courtesy of our friend and valued provider Thanks, Mon!


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