Thursday, February 18, 2010

it's about time: MyPilipinas Moleskine from C2

The Philippines finally gets a limited edition Moleskine notebook called MyPilipinas Moleskine in both pocket and large sizes: a result of the collaboration between iconic Philippine shirt brand Collezione, under its Collezione-C2 line headed by its Creative Director Rhett Eala, and Moleskine.

The first and 'biggest' Moleskine shop-in-shop (SiS) outlet which will feature the entire line will open in April 2010 at National Bookstore's Greenbelt 3 branch.  

I say it's about time. And what better company to offer it locally than Collezione, a local apparel brand known for its durability and dependabilty. Yes, that's right, "dependability". In the 80s, it was the shirt of choice one could wear for many types of informal events. Its clothes were flexible and functional. It was the quiet and comparable counterpart of the imported designer sports tops at the time: Lacoste, Fila, Polo Ralph Lauren, among others, that were the trend especially among the elite.

The Collezione line was in the classic mold. If one were to wear a shirt or skirt today dating back to the 80s, it would still be "now".

Forward to the 21st century and Collezione was re-energized by its MyPilipinas line under C2 by Rhett Eala which features the Philippine map prominently on shirts and tops. Launched sometime in 2008, C2's MyPilipinas line became the most sought-after wear and all-occasion gift item since.

Like the icon that is Collezione, C2's MyPilipinas line has helped solder its place not just in Philippine fashion but fashion as lifestyle.

It is therefore appropriate and timely that C2 collaborate with the timeless Moleskine notebooks for its Philippine edition. And what better time than now.

There are supposedly only 4,800 units available of this limited edition Moleskine.

Prices are:
MyPilipinas Moleskine pocket Php 995.00
MyPilipinas Large Php1,450.00

Available at C2 stores and National Bookstore branches
MyPilipinas Moleskine site

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Image credits
MyPilipinas notebooks image courtesy of Collezione C2
MyPilipinas shirt image courtesy of Philippine Star



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