Thursday, March 18, 2010

this is the end of publishing

This video link was posted as a re-Tweet by designmeme (/designmeme), aka Stuart Robertson an hour ago while I was offline.

The Future of Publishing from PenguinGroup UK.

From the Penguin blog, credit goes to Zoe Uffindell of Khaki Films, for coming up with Penguin's own advocacy video as inspired by other effective short films with a similar message and treatment.

Penguin Group: How difficult was it to achieve this effect? 
Zoe Uffindell: It takes a creative professional writer, patience, and several days to achieve something like this - a bit like a huge jigsaw that you have to paint as well as put together!  The voice-recording and editing of the text was a case of finding just the right voice, and pacing it right. (from here)

As always, the best way to get a message across, really, is by telling it simply — something I continue to learn and would wish to master.

The message of the video resounds with so much clarity and, coming from a print and publishing design background plus a love for imparting the value of and respect for the printed matter, it is something that touches a deep chord within me.

Great video!


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