Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NLT, you good soul, thank you

When did I first know you again? Maybe 15 years or so ago, when I was the occasional passenger-friend in the back seat hitching a ride between school and home and you, fetched in between that route from work by dear friend C.

I remember being amused at how hearing your musical voice for the first time confirms a lot about genetics, although yours, albeit soft, was distinct, instantaneously agreeable and firm. Almost always lilting, never angry or abrasive.

What I liked the most in those years of knowing you was how quick you were to laugh at some stories I thought were funny, and you shared the laughter, never holding back, yes. You weren't at all staid and strict even if you looked too upright for comfort.

You'll always be the well dressed mom who never gave as much as a big deal out of circumstances beyond your control. Those times I saw of you doing that were rare but memorable nonetheless.

I would always seek out your thoughts on things from my friend C; always asked "so what did she think? What did she say?" and the answer would almost always be "OK lang" and always nothing utterly negative or confrontational. And you were selfless.

I've always admired you. Not very many of my friends' mothers leave that much mark on me, especially because you continued to be a silent brick wall, the stabilizing leg, to our endeavors. I think you are--you were--grace under pressure personified, another genetic pass; a modest and strong woman. Best of all, you were a good listener, something I will always try to be for others while on this plane.

Have I said thank you enough in our personal encounters? I don't think so. But you may not know that in my most quiet moments, I always did, as I do your family for all the support. Always. Thank you.


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