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K Villa is a visual artist and a product of the College of Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines where she majored in Painting. On campus, she co-founded an experimental theater group which staged and encouraged the production of original Pilipino plays and premiered two translated works by Rogelio Sicat: Sartre's Walang Kawala/No Exit and Capek's R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots)/Robota.

She works as designer and design consultant for print and publications, events and environments and other such requirements.

Her past works include production design and art direction for stage, film and television; books and corporate identity for non-profits, educational institutions and corporations; art direction for photography and exterior/interior and exhibit design for educational institutions, NGOs and entrepreneurs.

She is also hired as design consultant by government agencies and private enterprises.

When the opportunity allows it, she renders volunteer workshops to youth groups or work in projects that help promote her advocacies: design and visual appreciation, basic design and internet literacy and behavior, all of which give her the chance to visit places and meet people who fill her in with their own stories and from whom she learns about their way of life and their cultures first-hand.

She is currently working to expand these interests into a more formal social enterprise set-up in collaboration with her colleagues in the design and editorial group she co-founded. [~ 2010]

Spelling Tuesday is her primary blog which reflects her thoughts, observations and interests on being Filipino, on culture, values, music, books, some technology, the arts and other interests she would otherwise not have the time to discuss with others, and in which several servings of coffee usually accompany her moments of writing.

An entry about UP theater was mentioned in UP's The Forum in Sept.-Oct. 2009 Vol 10 Issue 5.

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