Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aug 2 2011

Typhoon "Kabayan"

To "enjoy" a full day of  downpour my brother-in-law calls "torrential rain" when he texted a greeting; classes were suspended and public and private workers were asked to take the rest of the afternoon off. My sister called.

Some Metro Manila main streets were flooded since this morning (a car was captured on lunchtime news floating in flood waters and Marikina River had overflowed to above street level by late afternoon).

Then a 3-way business-and-pleasure Skype session with a good friend from the old campus-theater days, now based in Penang.

And Nora Aunor arrived today. For real, finally.

Nora Aunor in "Himala"

Somebody posted an hour ago:
"Si Ate Guy?" RT "Overheard: Bakit kasi pinapayagang makapasok sa (why was [it] ever allowed to enter the) Philippine Area of Responsibility!" "panalo" ("Winner!")
Funny. This is Pinoy humor that's amusing even to a "Noranian" like myself. Say what? This is the first time I have ever written that: Noranian.

It's another August 2 day today that has generated other random thoughts:

  • About the alleged Election fraud hearings, etc.: If it is proven that FPJ won in 2004, what would declaring him a winner do besides correct history books? Will it invalidate all decrees, laws, contracts, etc. signed by GMA? Will it invalidate the election processes that succeeded it, like who he may have chosen fielded instead? I feel inadequate not knowing the answers, knowing that those who opened the can of worms have no idea themselves what vermi types they are.
  • Have the authorities learned from real climate change — and its effects — beyond just lip service?
  • Do we really need another TV game show that caters to the masses, give out houses and lots and other money prizes because there's just too much of it in the pocket? And after the winners cry tears of joy on air, are they equipped to handle the responsibilities of being real homeowners and instant millionaires?
  • Cultivating a culture of mendicancy. Everyone's on it.
  • Encouraging a culture of gossip through trial by publicity, disinformation, abuse of social networks, irresponsible reporting and such. Wring it on!
  • A bungling rescue effort in a historic location by The Bay is nearing its 1st anniversary. It's the one that caused an erosion in leadership confidence, unfortunately. "Heads will roll" said he in the headlines. One year hence, not one has.
  • The elite Philippine football team has taken attention away from honest-to-goodness sports development program/s that should have benefitted other local sports and athletes. Seriously. And the local rugby team should have been called AZPEENS instead in honor of the brown boys.
  • Oh, a fugitive elected official resurfaces, then makes a subtle public entrance by riding on, literally, the bandwagon. For reference, check a Cavite event the President attended this year.
  • Ad nauseum.

Our Manila-Penang Skype afternoon session was a mix of stats and data, requirements, opinions, touching base with global and national issues and such — yes — and, like a pendulum, swung from good times past to harsh realizations of the present. Has anything changed?

Sometimes, days like these makes one vulnerable because the grey, swollen skies bring with it mementos of unpreparedness and fragility (just that, minus the mori, haha).

We may need an authentic Himala without the political color. So, make it neutral tone. Or brown — it's better. (Oh, did I mention how much I love that Bernal movie? And Mario O'hara's "Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos"?)

Or perhaps something as unexpected as Oprah Winfrey springing a Charice Pempengco surprise. Come to think of it, this little girl may well be the 21st century Nora Aunor of her generation though they fulfill two different entertainment values. (Then again, there's Eugene Domingo who may aptly be the new-gen Nora. I love them who goes against the grain of industry-prescribed "beauty.")

Yet there's a lot to be thankful for in the past 365 days, and in days coming. Like that 12 year old girl named Janelia Lelis from Albay who saved the flag, solid and upright in the middle of a raging flood last week during typhoon "Juaning."

Frank Lorzano via @cesarAPOLINARIO / http://twitpic.com/5zsoil/

Or hoping that the sun will come out tomorrow.

- 02082011


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