Monday, August 26, 2013

In support of #MillionManMarch at Luneta today

I have a full day but I offer it not as an excuse. However it is our day is planned and how it turns out, we cannot escape the fact that today marks a momentous day in our shared history – that of showing up, or simply showing our frustration, despair and disappointment and, hopefully, an uncompromising demand for real change in our political system.

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The President went live on camera last weekend to allay fears and doubts about his sincerity on the issues of misuse of public funds, perhaps even on leadership (his) and everything a leader is acknowledged to be in control of, but certainly not the least in the hope that today's gathering will fizzle out. Yet as of noontime today, crowd estimate is at 70,000 in Luneta alone not counting the numbers of FIlipinos joining this movement all over the archipelago and around the world.

It was a dam(n) if you do, dam(n) of you don't situation, as was the case of the recent Luzon-to-Mindanao flooding brought by typhoon "Maring." But "Maring," really, was a lesson unlearned from "Ondoy," when, in 2010, an election year, the devastated Philippine islands were wrought by politicking, not positivity; that when the sun forces to shine through layers of storm clouds, all is forgotten and every life goes, or is expected to go, back to normal. 

Yet storm after devastating storm on this typhoon belt-sitting archipelago, promises were thrown to our faces by elected officials while pretty much of the Filipinos were sinking-and-swimming in muddy waters, in rising tides of unemployment and basic commodity prices, in cycles of life and death.

No positive stock market figures could figure out expeditious ways to remedy unemployment (appointed officials blamed it on job incompatibility), soaring gas and basic supply prices, gun-related crime and deaths, unproductive traffic mess and corruption despite the Aquino administration riding on a crest of goodwill and hope 3 years since, for a better life for each of its citizens. The list goes on.

The rest of my sentiments are in the poster I did below, in support of today's protest gathering. Rally on!

~ krvilla, QC PHL

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